exonSkippingData set
(last update 15/05/2009)

GeneChip® Exon 1.0 ST has been developed by Affymetrix http://www.affymetrix.com. This microarray platform changes the conventional view of transcript analysis since it allows the evaluation of the expression level of a transcript by querying each exon component. The Exon 1.0 ST platform does however raise some issues regarding the approaches to be used in identifying genome-wide alternative splicing events (ASEs).
To evaluate the efficacy of ASEs workflows and statistics we have developed a semi-synthetic exon-skipping benchmark experiment     embedding a total of 268 exon skipping events (Della Beffa et al. 2008).
An R experimental data package was created  to facilitate the comparison of different statistics: windows, unix.
For further information contact raffaele.calogero@unito.it or refer to Della Beffa et al. 2008