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The Bioinformatics and Genomics unit (B&Gu) is a bioinformatics/genomics group mainly focusing on data mining in oncology and complex genetic diseases: biomarkers and oncoantigens detection.  We have consolidated experience in the analysis of  Illumina second generation sequencing data. Our interest focus on RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, exome and whole-genome seq data analysis. We are also involved in single cell RNAseq data analysis and tools development.
We provide data analysis and mining support, as reseach collaboration or as service, to accademia and industries.
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Reproducible Bioinformatics Project @ UNITO

Practical RNAseq/Single-Cell-Seq data analysis workshop 25-29 march 2019
(Molecular Biotechnology Center, Via Nizza 52, 10126 Torino, Italy)
(registration is open from 12/11/2018 to 01/03/2019)
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Prof. R.A. Calogero
PI of B&Gu
We also offer high quality practical courses on  data analysis and mining. Courses are mainly based on tools developed as part of the Reproducible Bioinformatics Project. The introductory course is directed to researchers in the biological field that do not have R coding experience but want to understand how to analyze and handle genome-wide data. Advance course is directed to researchers that have followed the introductory course or want to get used to R coding. These courses can be strongly customized on the basis of costumer needs and training can be given on costumer's own data.  These courses, between 3 to 5 days of training, can be organized at any time during the year. The ideal number of participants ranges between 1 and 3.
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Address: Dept. of Molecular Biotechnology and Health Sciences, University of Torino (Via Nizza 52, 10126, Italy).

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